Training for as little as $15

CityMac Seminars are a unique opportunity for group learning with a trainer on a wide range of topics for only $15 for a per-day pass! Seminars are available twice a day Monday through Friday and rotate topics from our internally developed curriculum:

Welcome To…

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We provide helpful tips and cover settings that are important to understand as you become familiar with how to interact with your iPad or Mac. These seminars are great for beginners and are perfect starting points to get you going in the right direction!

App Of The Week…

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Focusing on helping you learn how to use one of the preinstalled Apple developed apps with an overview of that app. These seminars are perfect to get a jump start in learning some of the features that make the app great and help to distinguish which apps are right for you!

Open Discussion…

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Each week, CityMac provides a platform specific (iMac, iPad) seminar to address your Apple software related questions. Questions must be regarding ”How” to perform a task. “Why” a certain feature or task doesn’t work correctly is best dealt with by our Service department as it requires specific troubleshooting per issue.

Tips & Techniques…

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Whether your working with iCloud, trying to type special characters ™© or wanting a better way of organizing your photo’s, these seminars demonstrate ways to take advantage of your iPad or Mac by explaining specific tasks and features.   

Save over 40% with a 3 month pass for $99

*3 months free access is system specific. Purchase a Mac computer, attend Mac specific seminars. Purchase iPad, attend iPad specific seminars.

CityMac offers limited seating without prior registration. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to check in and reserve your seat. Seminars run for approximately one hour.

Seminars are limited to “How To” questions. “Why Not” generally require service to address specific reasons why your computer isn’t working correctly.