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Here’s How Apple Changed Sending a Photo in Messages in iOS 12

Before iOS 12, in order to send a photo in the messages app, you would simply tap the camera button, which allowed you to send a preexisting photo, or take a new one. In iOS 12, Apple changed things so tapping the camera button only lets you take a fresh photo. Now, to find and send a photo that’s already in Photos, use the Photos mini-app in Messages. If necessary, tap the Apps button to the left of the message field to show the Messages apps, and then tap the Photos button to see a list of recent photos. Tap one or more to add them to the message, and you’re ready to send!


Add Signatures to your Email!

If you want to have your emails automatically add information to the bottom of your email messages like a quote of the day, a more professional looking name with your title and other information, or just a simple thanks, followed by your name, here’s how!

Setup Email Signatures in Apple Mail!
– Tutorial on mail signatures